At Hobo Planet we care about the environment and we are dedicated to keep the planet green. is hosted on green servers. This means that three times the energy the site’s servers use is put back into the grid through wind power.

Why is this important?

Because it takes a lot of energy to run the internet.

According to the research centre CEET in Melbourne two percent of the world’s energy consumption is  eaten by the internet, which means that if the internet was a country it would rank as number five in energy consumption.

CEET predicts that in just a few years – in 2020 – the internet will be use 10 percent of the energy used world wide. That’s a lot of energy – and a lot of polluting CO2-emissions. In fact the internet pollutes more than the airline industry.

So let’s do something about it. You can be part of the green revolution too.

This site uses green web hosting and is hosted by GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks has been in the green web hosting business for eight years and is hosting more than 300.000 websites with 300 percent green energy.

If you also wish to have your site hosted by GreenGeeks, click here. NB! This is an affiliate link. With no extra fee for you, Hobo Planet will earn a little bonus if you sign up via this link. Thank you.

There’s also a lot of other choices – check some of them out here:

Fat Cow – servers hosted with 100 percent green energy

Host Papa – servers hosted with 100 percent green energy

A2 Hosting – servers hosted with 100 percent green energy

Aiso – servers hosted with 100 percent green energy

HostGator – servers hosted with 130 percent green energy