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Hobo Planet is all about travelling – where to go, what to do, and what to bring.

When we ourselves travel, we use a lot of other travel sites for inspiration and tips for getting the most of out of our time abroad. Because let’s face it – most people don’t travel for a living, so we might as well get most out of it, while being out there.

That’s why we started up Hobo Planet – to give our experiences back to the travel community. Hopefully the tips and advice on this site can help others enhance their trips.

We believe that you can learn a lot from reading a book, but that something is only learned when meeting new cultures, seeing new places and talking to new people. That’s why our motto is ‘Join The World’.

Hobo Planet is dedicated to keep the planet green. That’s a concern for us when we travel, but also in the operation of this site. That’s why for every unit used to keep the servers going, three units of wind power is put back into the grid. You can read more about that here.

As you might have noticed there are advertisements on the site. We try to earn enough money to keeping the site going. But – our promise to you is, that you will encounter no hidden advertisements here at Hobo Planet. If we earn money for something we mention on the site or link to, we’ll declare it up front. No money can make us praise something we don’t like.

Unless otherwise stated all photos on the site are taken by Hobo Planet.

Want to get in touch? Write us at info@hoboplanet.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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– Join The World –


The picture above was taken in Patagonia, Argentina. The chapel is located on land belonging to Estancia Cristina.