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Top 15: These are the most visited national parks in USA

If you thought that tourist magnets as Yellowstone or Yosemite National Parks would top the list of the most visited national parks in the USA you’re in for a surprise.

London: Celebrate Christmas with Harry Potter

Fancy a Christmas together with Harry Potter? Well, that wish can come true. Almost at least. All year around not far from the center of London you can visit the

Borneo’s Kinabatangan River: What, when, where and how

The banks along Borneo’s Kinabatangan River teem with wildlife. Orangutans climb the tree tops near the water, elephants roam the edge of the jungle along the riverside, and colorful birds fish the chocolate

Borneo: Ten fantastic animals to see along the Kinabatangan River

You can almost feel it just by saying the name: Kinabatangan. This can only be a place of adventure. And it is. Elephants, crocodiles and orangutans live their everyday life

Seven amazing waterfalls to see in Iceland

The video Before we begin with the list of the seven amazing waterfalls, check out this video of five of them. They are truly extraordinary. 1 – Öxarárfoss All right, we

Seven things NOT to do when biking in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is full of bikes – and you haven’t really seen the city if you haven’t seen it from the saddle of a bike. Almost half of the Copenhageners ride

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